10 Ways to Fall into your Inner Mermaid

Fins Up! Fall is here, and its time to wake up your inner mermaid. Mermaid Life® is the lifestyle that revolves around life related to the water.  Whether sport, spirit, or favorite pastime, we have all lived our own Mermaid Life® at some point. Here are some great ways to keep channeling your inner mermaid. We hope you enjoy the read, and hope you will live your Mermaid Life® this fall!

Find a beach. There is something about the connection of toes in the sand no matter what time of year. Make it a mermaid moment… take a Mermaid Life® beach towel, pack a cooler of water, and enjoy the crisp waves.

Make a difference. Mermaids sparkle and shine best when they are doing something for the good of a cause. Now that summer is over, you might have some time to volunteer at a Red Cross shelter, a Turtle or Dolphin Hospital or help raise money for a non-euthanasia Animal Shelter. Mentor a young girl who needs guidance, or help out one of our senior mermaids. There are so many ways to give back, find something thats going to make you feel good about yourself and a cause you are passionate about.

Plan a fall trip with your favorite sea sirens. We all need girl time. Maybe its just a day trip, or a weekend. Make it a fun place like San Diego, or a laid back beach town like Bradenton Beach, Florida. Find a VRBO with a view, bring your favorite Mermaid Life® Sparkle Koolies and listen to your Mermaid music play list!

Make Mermaid Time for yourself. We are typically working hard taking care of our little mermaids, our jobs, or family. Don't forget to schedule time for yourself before the holidays. Make an appointment at a spa for a pedicure, or a sea salt body scrub. You can also relax at home with a candle, hot bath, and favorite bath oil. 

Snorkel and Dive. Its not too late to go snorkeling or if your adventurous, find a dive charter. There is nothing more amazing than the beauty within the ocean. You can search for reputable PADI dive centers, and snorkeling adventures. Take an underwater camera for a Shellfie!

Go fishing! If you live near the water, you probably are out fishing now. But if you live more inland, look at nearby lakes. You can even make a weekend out of it and find a fishing camp with cottages. If you are really into the sport, find an offshore charter and plan it with a group of friends. Grill your fresh catch for dinner. We suggest serving your fresh catch with our Mermaid Mustard Sauce. YUM!

Find an indoor pool and learn how to swim in a mono fin. We like the Mermaid Life® mono fins by Finis®, they are a sport fin and compatible to regular fins so you can swim or snorkel. There are other great mono fins out there too. Once you get the hang of it, you cant help to feel like a mermaid, plus you’ll get a great workout!

Plan your own mermaid tour. This is fun to do with your girlfriends. Visit a town like St Augustine, Florida where mermaids and pirates are a prevalent subject. Stop into shops who carry mermaid gifts, visit a pirate museum, find a real life mermaid, and have a mermaid mimosa at a local mermaid cafe.
 Call us for tips, we have tons of them!

Find an Island. This is going to fulfill your inner mermaid desire for a lifetime. We have visited islands in the Bahamas where there are still secluded natural islands, and we have found an island as far north as Alaska. Any island encompasses natural beauty, its own island culture and vibes

Soak up the Harvest Sun! If its a sunny day, go outside and enjoy the weather. We all need a little Vitamin D, especially before winter. Be sure to wear sunscreen, a hat and a UPF shirt to protect your beautiful mermaid complexion.

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  • I gpt to visit your store in St Augustine and it was Mer-MAZING! Can’t wait to return.


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