Could Mermaid Monofin Competitive Swimming play a part in the Olympics?

The Japanese capital of Tokyo will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time, from 24 July to 9 August 2020. This is an exciting time especially for monofin swimmers and swimming mermaids.

Mermaid Life® Pro Ambassador Merle Livland is an accomplished International Competitive Swimmer. Recently, she completed the Los Angeles Olympic Test Event swimming a 10K in a mermaid monofin by Finis®. Now Merle holds the Guinness World Record title for longest swim in a mono fin swim of 10km and not using her arms!

Does this mean the Olympics could be holding its first mermaid  mono fin swim category event?

Maybe the Olympics are looking into it! After all, swimming with a monofin isn’t as easy as it looks. We asked pro monofin swimmer Linden Wolbert of Mermaids in Motion LLC  what her opinion is,  "I would love to see monofinning become an olympic sport, as "Finswimming" is already a hugely popular sport in other parts of the world including South America and Europe. It is an incredible core workout, and it's unbelievable to watch the speeds which competitors travel through the water!"

While swimming in a mono fin appears to be glamorous, here at Mermaid Life® consider it to be another watersport category.  Take into account the amount of training involved to become a good monofin swimmer and maintain that. It’s a lot of core strength, cardio and total body strength. 

Our Sea E O of Mermaid Life® chimed in on this topic, “This could be as exciting as figure skating or gymnastics but in the Aquatics category. Little girls and boys will love watching the monofin swimmers compete, as will I. It would be an exciting new sport that will get a lotto attention.”  says Milena Lyons.

If you love swimming and have never tried a monofin, we hope you will give it a whirl. monofin swimming can help improve your core, strength, and grace in the water. If you’re not an avid swimmer and need training, Mermaid Schools are popping up all over.

Keeping mind, all of this is just wishful thinking for now, but perhaps soon the Olympics will recognize Mermaid Monofin Swimming as the sport it really is.

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