Mermaid Summer 2015- Get a HEALTHY Mermaid Summer Glow!

It’s week 3 of our “Mermaid Summer” blog series. Here at Mermaid Life, we are obsessed with getting that gorgeous, sun-kissed summer look without the cellular damage that leads to premature aging- or skin cancer that leads to much worse. Every mermaid gal knows how great it feels to wear a flirty summer sundress when you have a bronze, healthy-looking tan. Personally, the idea of hitting the beach in a bikini with my pale (almost transparent) winter skin makes me cringe…NO THANK YOU.

In the olden days (circa 1999) one could only choose from a limited collection of horrendous self-tanning products… Remember the sticky, watery and impossible to apply crap we all tried? Yep…. we’ve all had an experience. I had ONE and only one. After nearly gagging from the smell… that progressively worsened throughout the day, I made the mistake of scratching my leg. To my horror, when I looked down I saw that my tan had gradually developed…. into a bright orange and brown striped mess. And to top it off, I now had a lovely white line where I'd scratched my leg. I swore off self-tanners and decided to spend my high school days doing things the old-fashioned way…baby oil and a pool raft. My skin always tanned beautifully, rarely burned and I thought nothing of it.

I didn't venture back into the world of self-tanners again until one day about 9 years ago when my mother showed me an ad for Jergen's Daily Glow Moisturizer. It was fabulous… it was creamy, super easy to apply, went on evenly, and was actually gradual & natural! (No more tiger stripes!!) The smell was not nearly as bad as in my previous experience, but apparently all self-tanner products have that weird odor to some degree. Jergen's Daily Glow was a beauty game changer and revolutionized the self-tanner industry. They have continued to improve this product and even diminished that dreaded odor significantly. I am still a loyal user, and probably always will be. It's a great, easy way to keep your color all year long, and because it's a moisturizer, it won't add an extra step to your beauty routine…because really girls, who needs that?! 

*FYI: it’s now called Jergen’s Natural Glow…. and they have one with firming!

After the Jergen's craze (I do mean craze…I remember there being a WAIT LIST at stores for the stuff, it took me a month to get it!) many other lines emerged featuring products that are truly amazing. Whether you are fair and just want a hint of color, or you want to go full on Kardashian, there is a product to achieve your look. (The Kardashians actually have a line of self-tanners, if that's your thing. I haven't personally used them, but if you have let us know what you think!) The bottom line is that anyone can achieve that healthy, gorgeous Mermaid Summer glow without baking yourself at 90 degrees for 3 hours.

Here are a few of my favorite lines out there, and I've included options for every budget. Most of them are self-tanners or bronzers, but I threw in a few of my favorite beauty products with SPF because every Mermaid knows SPF=Super Pretty Face! Click on the photos to get more info or to purchase products. 

Here we go…. first up, self-tanners:

1. Jergen's Natural Glow.
Fabulous. Easy. Cheap. Yes. An array of products… 

2. St. Tropez
A little pricy…but worth it.

3. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze
I don’t love this by itself, but mixing it with a little bit of your favorite moisturizer before applying it makes it work.

4. Tan Towel
For the mermaid on the go…. SO EASY!

5.  Fake Bake
A cult favorite.

6. Ulta Bronze Glow
This one was a surprise. It’s totally affordable and a lot of people compare it to St. Tropez. 

Next up…..Bronzers:

1.Benefit’s Hoola
A matte shade perfect for almost everyone. I buy this one over and over.

2.Lorac Tantilizer
This is the holy grail of body bronzers…. You can spray it on or it comes in a gel/lotion formula. Your legs will look absolutely flawless, just don’t sit on a white sofa!

 3. Too Faced Sun Bunny
A tad darker than their Snow Bunny. A little shimmer gives you a dewy summer glow, perfect for a night out. (Also try Beach Bunny!)

4. Bare Minerals Warmth or Faux Tan
I love how well Bare Minerals blends into skin… I wish there were more color options though…They have expanded the Faux Tan line to include awesome self-tanners for your body and face. 

5.Milani Baked Bronzer Glow
This drug store dupe is a budget friendly version of Lorac’s (and many other line’s) baked bronzers.

Last but definitely not least, my favorite SPF products:

1. It! Cosmetics- Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF 50
Moisturizer, Primer, Anti-aging serum, Concealer, Full Coverage Foundation, AND SPF 50….enough said. This product is INSANE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It only comes in 6 shades, but trust me, one will match you!

 2.Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact SPF 55
Nice price, easy compact...Lots of SPF!!!

3.Philosophy Hope in a Jar Foundation SPF 20
Not as much protection, but this line is just too good to not include. Use with one of their amazing moisturizers for added SPF. And be sure to read the bottles… they are very inspiring!

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Well we hope you had fun today! Now go get your glow on!! Happy Memorial Day! 


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