Mermaid Summer 2015- Mermaid Destinations!

Hello Mermaids! Happy Tuesday!!

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Here at Mermaid Life® we are enjoying the nice, hot weather on the beach. Oh, the beach…how I’ve missed you!!! It’s spring for one more month (Although, it definitely feels like summer in Florida) so now is the time to start planning your chic summer getaway. Maybe you want to jet off to a romantic, exotic locale, or spend a girls week lounging on one of the incredible beaches right here in the USA- no matter your destination, we have you covered with our Countdown to Mermaid Summer blog series. This week we are giving you some great ideas for an unforgettable summer vacation. These are just some of our favorite Mermaid-friendly destinations at home and abroad…

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1. The Cayman Islands
A favorite Caribbean getaway, The Cayman Islands offers beautiful scenery and is perfect for the adventurous mermaid or the girl that just wants to relax in the sun.


2. Kauai
The oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, Kauai offers a secluded retreat. It isn’t your typical resort island, it’s a simplistic, secluded destination which allows the natural beauty on the island to be the real attraction. There are just two highways and areas that can only be explored on foot.

3. Seychelles
What mermaid doesn’t love Seychelles! A cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa, Seychelles is world-renowned for it’s uncrowded, white sand beaches and bright aqua ocean. Put this on your bucket list for sure!

4. The Maldives
The Maldives is the ultimate luxurious mermaid destination. It’s over-the-top accommodations and service make this the romantic vacation to end all vacations. One look at the incredible coral reefs and view from your private bungalow in the sea and you will believe that you have seen heaven on earth!

5. Sanibel Island
We had to include a Florida spot, after all, our home state boasts some of the most popular beaches in the United States. One you may not have heard of, Sanibel Island is a laid-back, casual beach town on the Gulf Coast. It’s famous for it’s abundance of seashells so it’s a great place for a mermaid to add to her collection!


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Have a great week!

Love, Mermaid Life®

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