Put on your Winter Tail, it's Mermaid Life® everywhere!

Did you know Mermaid Life® exists anywhere? For those of you who feel slighted because you may not live near the water, don't feel bad anymore! Mermaid Life® is a state of mind and it exists everywhere. How can you channel in the good vibes of Mermaid Lie® from where you are? That’s easy, we will tell you how!

If you live in a mountainous area such as Colorado, the Poconos in Northern Pennsylvania, or somewhere in the Smoky Mountains, then you can call yourself a Mountain Mermaid! Put on your mermaid plaid and find a stream and take pictures of it to capture the essence of flowing water. Listen to a babbling brook, or take a hike (no mermaid tail needed) and enjoy mother nature away from the water. Cook a fantastic trout dinner, you know, mermaid food! Or even a seafood chowder on a snowy day. Let’s face it, mermaids are mythical creatures of nature. Mountains, lakes and streams lend to the contrast of this beauty.

If you are from an area like Arizona, Nevada or Utah, then that makes you a Desert Mermaid! Mermaid Life® DOES exist in the desert, because of you! We have a large following of mermaid lovers in the most beautiful deserts of the USA. Find a lake or better yet, a beautiful rock to perch yourself upon. Strike your best mermaid pose and call yourself a Desert Mermaid today! Of course you can always wear one of our fabulous Mermaid Life® Tees. Have a mermaid tail? Bring your mermaid vibes to a pool or park near you. Everyone will want to share your Mermaid Life® in the desert with you.

If you live in Alaska, Michigan or Illinois near the great lakes, or perhaps in New York near the Hamptons, put on your winter mermaid tail and cal yourself a Winter Snow Mermaid! Channel in mermaid vibes by sipping your favorite hot beverage in a Mermaid Life® tumbler that says “Everything is Merfect when you’re a Mermaid”. Invite your siren sisters over for a mermaid themed cocktail party. Make snow mermaids and snow angels after a big snow. Snap some photos of your Snow Mermaids and Angels, and tag us @realmermaidlife. We would love to see them!

The cold weather even in places like Florida has mermaids shivering. Don’t put your mermaid tails away just yet. Find a fundraiser to attend and be a part of something good. We like to give our time to charities that help children in our local area. If you are a mermaid performer, donate an hour at a charitable event to warm the mermaid hearts of kids. Visit an animal shelter and walk some of our four legged mermaids who don't have a home. We would love to hear your ideas on how to help this winter.

We hope you like these winter ideas on how to keep the mermaid vibes alive even when its cold outside. Share your ideas below!

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