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  • Mermaid Life® It's Time for a Girls Trip

    Mermaid Life® It's Time for a Girls Trip

    By this time your hair is frazzled and dry with split ends, you could probably use a facial, and you haven't seen the sun in a month. It;s time to change the winter vibe and plan a girls trip with your favorite siren sisters. We've put together a list of girls trip ideas for all kinds of budgets, ages and locations. So send out a Conch Shell Telegram to your BFFs and get busy planning your next girls getaway!
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  • Our top pick Spring Break Destinations

    Our top pick Spring Break Destinations

    It's that time of year... the sun is coming out again and you are thinking about Spring Break! So where are you going to go this year for Spring Break? Here is a list of our BEST destinations from the staff at Mermaid Life®:

    1) Saint Augustine, Florida. We chose St Augustine not just because it is the home of Mermaid Life®.....

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  • End of Summer Mermaid Destinations

    End of Summer Mermaid Destinations


    Looking for that perfect way to end your summer? Do it the Mermaid Life way. For this month’s blog post we researched all of the ultimate mermaid relaxation spots in several states. Most of them are free or cost $10 or less to enter, however, please check regulations in any of these areas before going. Most are "swim-at-your-own risk" sites and prohibit jumping. For more information on these sites visit   Alabama   Little River Canyon in DeKalb County- This beautiful and sparkling clear river located in Alabama offers a wide variety of Mermaid activities such as swimming, fishing,...

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