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  • Mermaid Life summer fun ideas

    Create your Sumemrtime Fun with Friends!

    Alas! Summer is here… so what are your plans for this year? We have a diverse list of summertime festivities to do with friends or family. Whether you are at the lake, beach, or on a staycation, this list will help inspire you to plan more fun in the sun!
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  • Mermaid Life® 2019 Summertime Playlist

    Mermaid Life® 2019 Summertime Playlist

    Mermaid Life® Summertime Playlist for 2019 Now that Memorial Day is gone, its time to get is a summer state of mind. One way to welcome the summer vibes is to get your play list in order.  Here are some of our favorites from the team at Mermaid Life to channel in those good summertime vibes for 2019. From classic top picks like Bob Marley and the Wailers, Surfer Girl by The Wheeland Brothers to ME! by Taylor Swift, this summer song mix is perfect for any hot day on the beach or your next pool party.

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  • Do NOLA the Mermaid Life® way | Girls Weekend

    Do NOLA the Mermaid Life® way | Girls Weekend

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    Planning a girls weekend? New Orleans is a must see city in the United States. Full of history, vibrant culture, and good food. From Beignets to Bloodies, the team here at Mermaid Life® is happy to share some of our best moments experienced in the city New Orleans. Whether you are taking a trip with your family, or are planning a weekend get away with your girls, we have our top five must see favorites for you while in NOLA.
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  • Put on your Winter Tail, it's Mermaid Life® everywhere!

    Put on your Winter Tail, it's Mermaid Life® everywhere!

    Did you know Mermaid Life® exists anywhere? For those of you who feel slighted because you may not live near the water, don't feel bad anymore! Mermaid Life® is a state of mind and it exists everywhere. How can you channel in the good vibes of Mermaid Lie® from where you are? That’s easy, we will tell you how!If you live in a mountainous area such as Colorado, the Poconos in Northern Pennsylvania, or somewhere in the Smoky Mountains, then you can call yourself a Mountain Mermaid! Put on your mermaid plaid and find a stream and take pictures of...

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  • Great gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

    Great gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

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    Looking for great gift ideas for her? Take a look at our pre-holidy gift guide. These are great ideas for any occasion! We hunted down some of the most unique gift ideas, as well as some of the moved loved gift ideas. We hope you enjoy! Post your favorite gift ideas too!

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  • Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Alright Mermaids! It's that time of year,  summer is here and for most you I hope that means lots of time on the beach and near the water. I'm sure by now most of you are sick of wearing that boring ponytail or messy bun everyday so I'm here to give you a few ideas and tips for some trendy, cute ways to keep your hair up and away. The Fishtail.  This style is a fresh take on rocking a braid. It can be worn any way but my top two choices are to the side or two pigtails.  Unlike...

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