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  • End of Summer Mermaid Destinations

    End of Summer Mermaid Destinations


    Looking for that perfect way to end your summer? Do it the Mermaid Life way. For this month’s blog post we researched all of the ultimate mermaid relaxation spots in several states. Most of them are free or cost $10 or less to enter, however, please check regulations in any of these areas before going. Most are "swim-at-your-own risk" sites and prohibit jumping. For more information on these sites visit   Alabama   Little River Canyon in DeKalb County- This beautiful and sparkling clear river located in Alabama offers a wide variety of Mermaid activities such as swimming, fishing,...

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  • Great Mermaid Eats and Drinks this Summer

    Great Mermaid Eats and Drinks this Summer

    Hey Mermaids! What’s a Summer without amazing food, drinks, and friends? These fun Mermaid eats and drinks are great for cooling down by the water. Whether you make it at home or go out, these mermaid foods and drink recipes are sure to make your summer sparkle. Make sure to stop by the gift shops to purchase your Mermaid Life gear!  Ocean Grill in Vero Beach, Florida     Ocean Grill has the best Stone crab, and it is a Mermaid favorite in this part of Florida. Served chilled, with mustard sauce!   Roy’s Restaurant in Steinhatchee, Florida   Roy's Restaurant is located on the...

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  • Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Alright Mermaids! It's that time of year,  summer is here and for most you I hope that means lots of time on the beach and near the water. I'm sure by now most of you are sick of wearing that boring ponytail or messy bun everyday so I'm here to give you a few ideas and tips for some trendy, cute ways to keep your hair up and away. The Fishtail.  This style is a fresh take on rocking a braid. It can be worn any way but my top two choices are to the side or two pigtails.  Unlike...

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