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  • Mermaid Life® It's Time for a Girls Trip

    Mermaid Life® It's Time for a Girls Trip

    By this time your hair is frazzled and dry with split ends, you could probably use a facial, and you haven't seen the sun in a month. It;s time to change the winter vibe and plan a girls trip with your favorite siren sisters. We've put together a list of girls trip ideas for all kinds of budgets, ages and locations. So send out a Conch Shell Telegram to your BFFs and get busy planning your next girls getaway!
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  • Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Mermaid Hair and Mermaid Style

    Alright Mermaids! It's that time of year,  summer is here and for most you I hope that means lots of time on the beach and near the water. I'm sure by now most of you are sick of wearing that boring ponytail or messy bun everyday so I'm here to give you a few ideas and tips for some trendy, cute ways to keep your hair up and away. The Fishtail.  This style is a fresh take on rocking a braid. It can be worn any way but my top two choices are to the side or two pigtails.  Unlike...

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