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  • Mermaids of Myth - Saint Patrick's Day Edition

    Mermaids of Myth - Saint Patrick's Day Edition

    Story after story, we have seen mermaids portrayed through history as tempting, fun, and clever creatures of the sea - and Irish mythology is no different! This Saint Patrick's Day, Mermaid Life brings you five fun facts of mermaids in Irish mythology: 1.) Along the beautiful green coast of Ireland, gorgeous mermaids, or Merrow as they are called in Irish, can be found with bright shining scales and green hair! 2.) Literally translated from Irish language, Merrow means "sea fairy". 3.) Merrow sang to human sailors much like the muses of Greek mythology did in order to attract men to them...

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  • What you should know when buying for her 👛

    What you should know when buying for her 👛

    Hey guys! When you are shopping for your favorite girl, here are some things you should know before you buy. We here at Mermaid Life want you to be successful in your holiday shopping for her.  1) Make sure its it's something she will wear or use. Does she have something similar but needs to be replaced? Has she expressed interest in a new bag (like the "I'm on Mermaid Time" bag), or new t shirt? Does she take vacations or trips to a beach to use a new beach bag? We have fun and functional gifts she'll love. 2)...

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  • Hats or Visors?

    Hats or Visors?

    When you are out in the sun, be it fishing, boating, walking the beach or doing other mermaid life activities, what kind of hat do you prefer? Do you prefer hats or visors? Mermaid Life will continue to come out with a new hats and visors that are super cute, but we would like to hear it straight from our fellow mermaids.Which do you wear? Me? I am more of a hat person. I do wear some visors, but mostly hats. What is your input on this? Hats or Visors? Please submit your feedback. Thank you!

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