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  • Mermaid Summer 2015- Mermaid Destinations!

    Mermaid Summer 2015- Mermaid Destinations!

    Hello Mermaids! Happy Tuesday!! We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Here at Mermaid Life® we are enjoying the nice, hot weather on the beach. Oh, the beach…how I’ve missed you!!! It’s spring for one more month (Although, it definitely feels like summer in Florida) so now is the time to start planning your chic summer getaway. Maybe you want to jet off to a romantic, exotic locale, or spend a girls week lounging on one of the incredible beaches right here in the USA- no matter your destination, we have you covered with our Countdown to Mermaid Summer...

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  • Mermaid Summer 2015- "Mermaid Mix" Playlist

    Mermaid Summer 2015- "Mermaid Mix" Playlist

    Hi Mermaids! So…. We are even closer to the official start of summer!! (39 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes as of this post.) You know what that means… social calendars will be filling up with backyard barbecues, pool parties, and of course lots of beach days! The “Mermaid Summer” blog series will have all the tips & tricks you need to get ready for sunshine and fun! Last week we kicked off our “Mermaid Summer” with a list of our favorite beach destinations… I don’t know about you but I definitely caught the travel bug! Switching gears a bit, mermaid...

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  • Mermaid Summer 2015- Get a HEALTHY Mermaid Summer Glow!

    It’s week 3 of our “Mermaid Summer” blog series. Here at Mermaid Life, we are obsessed with getting that gorgeous, sun-kissed summer look without the cellular damage that leads to premature aging- or skin cancer that leads to much worse. Every mermaid gal knows how great it feels to wear a flirty summer sundress when you have a bronze, healthy-looking tan. Personally, the idea of hitting the beach in a bikini with my pale (almost transparent) winter skin makes me cringe…NO THANK YOU. In the olden days (circa 1999) one could only choose from a limited collection of horrendous self-tanning...

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  • Some days we just want to hang inside!

    Some days we just want to hang inside!

    So…. the official start of summer is this week! Of course, we plan on spending the majority of the next few months at the beach or on the water! We're psyched for all of the awesome activities we can do outside during the summer, but once in a while we need a little break from the brutal heat. Spending a day inside is sometimes just what we need to chill out…and here in Florida , we have those crazy afternoon thunderstorms., so why not watch (or re-watch!) some classic summer movies? Here are our favorite summer/beach/surf/ mermaid inspired flicks. Be...

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  • Freedom - July 4th

    Freedom - July 4th

    Happy Friday Mermaids! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, (which is tied with Halloween for my favorite holiday). I love everything about it…grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, going to the beach and watching the fireworks. But most of all, I love what July 4th represents… freedom. The holiday and this week's history-making events got me to thinking, what exactly is "freedom"? We all think of freedom as the right to choose how we live our lives. In America, freedom is democracy. The right to be "free" and the opportunities and possibilities we have because of freedom is something we take for...

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