Mermaid Life bottle size Sparkle Koolie

The perfect beverage accessory....The original patented Mermaid Life® Sparkle Koolie® is not just another pretty beverage holder, they are making their way to become the perfect accessory! Fits most glass bottled beverages.

Collect all of our Sparkle Koolies! New colors coming soon!

  • Made of high quality Neoprene/Poly to keep your beverage cool.
  • Makes a great gift
  • Adds mermaid style to any can or bottle beverage

Want it fast? Find an authorized Mermaid Life retailer near you today!

*An occasional trace of glitter may come off with wear but most Mermaids don't mind

*Fits tight when first using but like your favorite pair of jeans they break in to become your go to beverage holder. Fits regular glass bottle, not water bottles.

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