About Us

How did Mermaid Life® start? For years, President and Sea-E-O Milena Lyons saw a need for a lifestyle brand that appealed to the female market. Then Mermaid Life® was born – on a boat.

Mermaid Life® speaks to anyone who loves mermaids, but also characterizes those who are enriched by life on any type of water. When you wear Mermaid Life, you make a statement that you are connected somehow whether its surfing, boating, fishing in a pool or on a beach.

Our customers and retailers love what we have to offer. Because of demand, we have grown to over 300 stores offering our line. You can shop online if you don’t have a Mermaid Life® retailer near you.

We would love to hear from you! Please email us at info@mermaidlife.me

Mermaid Life® is a woman owned business. We thank you for your support and the success of our company. We look forward to creating more Mermaid Life® products for you to enjoy.

Mermaid Life® is a federally trademarked name.

Licensing opportunities: info@mermaidlife.me